Non APABA-DC Volunteer Opportunities

The non-profit organizations listed below accept volunteers to provide pro bono legal services and/or other services.  These organizations are not affiliated with APABA-DC, so please visit their websites for more information.  If you are interested in the described volunteer opportunities, contact the organization directly. 


Asian American LEAD (AALEAD)

AALEAD supports low-income and under-served Asian Pacific American youth with educational empowerment, identity development, and leadership opportunities through after school, summer, and mentoring programs. Volunteers assist by becoming a mentor to a child or youth or by supporting AALEAD’s after school programs.


Asian Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project (DVRP) -

DVRP is an Asian Pacific Islander domestic violence sexual assault provider in the region. DVRP’s mission is to address, prevent, and end domestic violence and sexual assault in Asian Pacific Islander communities while empowering survivors to rebuild their lives after abuse. Volunteers can become language advocates who provide interpretation to survivors and translate informational materials or can become volunteers who sign up as Community Ambassadors to support DVRP’s grassroots-outreach, -education, and -awareness efforts.



Ayuda provides a wide range of immigration and family-law assistance, as well as social-services support, for all immigrants. AYUDA’s programs include: Immigration; Anti-Trafficking; Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault; Children's Project; Community Legal Interpreter Bank; and Project END (Eradicating Notario Deceit). Immigration attorneys can serve as volunteers to represent clients in applications for asylum seekers and in applications as survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Family-law attorneys can volunteer for civil-protection-order, divorce, custody and child-support cases. Ayuda’s attorneys are also available to provide training and mentoring for pro bono attorneys. Ayuda will only consider volunteers who can make a substantial commitment of time.


Children’s Law Center -

Children’s Law Center aims for every District child to grow up with a loving family, good health, and a quality education. Pro bono attorneys assist in the following types of cases: (1) custody guardian ad litem, (2) caregiver representation, (3) special education and (4) housing conditions. The attorneys assist children who have been abused or neglected, are caught in custody battles, live in poor housing conditions, or have special education needs that aren’t being met. Children’s Law Center provides mentorship, training, and written materials to help attorneys feel more comfortable navigating new areas of law. Interested attorneys may contact CLC Pro Bono Director Nancy Drane at [email protected] or 202-467-4900 ext. 502.

Liberty’s Promise -

Liberty’s Promise encourages young immigrants in need to be active and conscientious American citizens.  Volunteers are needed to:

  1. Provide internships — Is your office in need of a high school or college-aged intern with foreign language skills? Contact them about potential internship opportunities for young immigrants in your company or organization.
  2. Share your story — Schedule a time to visit one of their eight local civics programs (there are 16 programs) and share your personal story about coming to America with our young immigrant participants.
  3. Join their mailing list —Monthly newsletters are sent out about their program activities, development news, and participant success stories. You can opt-out at any time.
  4. Tell a friend — Let others know about the work of Liberty’s Promise so that they also have the opportunity to help America’s immigrant youth succeed.

Many Languages One Voice (MLOV) -

MLOV fosters leadership and facilitates community-led initiatives in the District of Columbia to increase the meaningful inclusion of people  who do not speak English as their primary language. Volunteers may assist with outreach, campaigns, or translation of documents, as well as video and audio testimonies of limited- and non-English proficient community members.


Network for Victim Recovery of DC -

NVRDC seeks to empower crime victims in the nation’s capital through a collaborative approach by providing comprehensive services through community-based education, therapeutic and legal support in order to achieve justice and encourage self-determination. Volunteers of NVRDC work in two different capacities:

1.      Client Assessments, which are part of the comprehensive legal, therapeutic, and case-management services provided at NVRDC.  After a case closes, a volunteer reaches out to the former client to conduct a brief survey of their experience working with NVRDC. NVRDC uses the survey results to make improvements on its programs and services and, with the client's permission, on its communications and publicity materials to demonstrate the positive impact that its services make in people's lives.

2.      Support Warriors, which are an online community of advocates and survivor supporters who volunteer to read and share articles on crime victims, sexual assault, and domestic violence to raise awareness of the need to support victims. Additionally, Support Warriors use their voices against victim blaming and common misconceptions about sexual and interpersonal violence in the comments section of these articles by citing facts and voicing support for the survivor.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Kateleigh Hewins Clark at [email protected].

Tahirih Justice Center -

The Tahirih Justice Center works to protect immigrant women and girls in the United States seeking justice from gender-based violence. Pro bono counsel donate their time and expertise to provide representation in immigration law to women and girls fleeing violence.


Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition (TASSC) International -

TASSC’s mission is to end the practice of torture and empower survivors of torture through the provision of services to help them reestablish their lives in the United States.  TASSC states that it is the only organization in the country founded and run by torture survivors.  Among the many services that it offers, TASSC provides free legal representation through the Pro Bono Asylum Program (PBAP) to help survivors get asylum.

PBAP is looking for pro bono attorneys to do substantive work that will include doing intake interviews with potential new clients, helping the clients prepare personal statements describing their cases, aiding clients in the collection and review of evidence in support of their asylum claims, researching immigration laws and recent cases to aid in preparing a client’s case, researching conditions within particular countries, meeting with clients to practice questions for the asylum interview, and potentially attending the asylum interview or court hearing with the client. All of these activities will be carried out under the supervision of the staff attorney at TASSC. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Staff Attorney, Joshua Rigney at [email protected]



If you would like to have your organizations volunteer information included or removed from this page, please contact the Vice President of Community Affairs at [email protected]

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